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Starting this thread your probably thinking I'm asking which is better: I will state i am a Newegg fan all the way.

However, i went to Bestbuy yesterday to 'preview' hands-on with some was laughable how the bestbuy kids couldnt answer any of my questions like what kind of dedicated memory certain laptops had, 128, 256. or the TDP on the processor...I ended up looking online with their laptops to get all the specs i wanted.

Here's where it gets tricky-- Newegg doesnt offer certain laptops i was looking at, or Tigerdirect for that a Samsung and Gateway with NEW processors like p540 or i5....newegg has a lot of those p340's-- Comparatively the Gateway Retail price on was 589.00, at bestbuy they had it for 449.99 Signs or advertisements as to this being a 'Sale'....although it has a 4200 series ATI w/ 256 mb dedicated...on a p540 i realize an i3 or i5 would be faster...however this is entirely for student homework and such + some games--things like Torchlight,.. and Diablo whenever they decide to release it.

REASON i started this thread-- Does BestBuy seriously offer Newer and better laptops than Newegg, or should i shop elsewhere for a laptop in general?

Side question--Bestbuy warranty/return policy-- I've had awesome experience with Newegg...but how is Bestbuy about returns/fee's/and standard warranties?
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  1. To be honest, BestBuy employees or any other stores (lie Fry's) will not know the technical specifications of the processor like the TDP. I don't even know the TDP of various CPUs or GPUs. That type of technical information should be researched by the purchaser; like you. Might as well ask for the manufacturers of the capacitors used on the motherboard.

    The amount of memory should be listed as part of the spec sheet. I wouldn't expect the salesperson to know that. However, I would expect them to know if a laptop has an integrated or dedicated video card.

    The salespeople are trained to help the average consumer to determine what's best for them. They are not trained to spew out technical information for tech savvy people. If they have corporate salespeople, then I would expect them to have a little bit of technical knowledge 'cause they will people deal with individuals working in corporate IT departments.

    I would say stores generally have current laptops; but not the latest ones (released less than two months). It's best to search around 'cause there is not going to be a place that will have all the laptops sold in the US. Way, way back I was shopping around for a laptop. I ended up buying it directly from IBM 'cause they had it on sale for a lower price than anywhere else I was looking; it was a ThinkPad T40.

    BestBuy return policy? 2 Weeks? Go to their website to read that type of info. Warranties are from the manufacturer, not BestBuy unless you buy their extended warranties.
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