PIII 1Ghz 100 FSB

Does INTEL make such an animal?
PIII 1Ghz 100 FSB FCPGA coppermine

If so, where can I buy one?

Waynes world
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  1. Get'em at pcprogress.com SECC or PPGA, take yer pick.
    here's the copy/paste thingie:


    10.0 CLOCK 1GHZ 1000MHZ COPPERMINE OEM flip chip

    I won't post the $

    The flip chip is more, for some reason.
    With moderate ORB-style cooling, this chip shoould hit 1333 without breakin' a sweat.
  2. Don't listen to him on the ORB tip, the stock heatsink/fan works BETTER! If you don't believe that looks at Tom's reviews, or read the post in cooling. The FOP32-I is widely considered the best solution, and cost only $15 at most places. But your stock cooler will probably work for overclocking if you remove the pink thermal conductant from it and use Artic Silver. And you won't get 1333 out of it either, maybe 1133 with luck. I was not aware that Intel had released this version, as they only published up to 850 for the E, they must have done it recently on the sly. What motherboard are you using?

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  3. Not familiar with the other cooler crashman mentions, but I've had little time for research. On the 1333MHz, though, there's actually a reasonable chance you'll make 1333.

    I say this because I have easily overclocked my 600E, my 700E, and my 800E using 133MHz FSB. The 600E wouldn't go higher, but the 700E and 800E flipchips are running with 140MHz, posting at 980 and 1120, respectively (ORB cooled). Also, I read somewhere that the ASUS S370-DL solved some instability problems for one overclocker, took his advice, and was rewarded. As far as better cooling, Crashman quotes the host, and I believe Tom.

    If the 10.0 clock PIII 1000 can turn 133MHz FSB into a stable CPU post, you'll be running 10x133=1333MHz.

    BUT, that's a lot of money to spend before any of the serious O/C fans start test driving it (over $400). I'd watch overclockers.com and other sights for average performance before taking the plunge.

    The 700E is cheap now, and it'll almost certainly post 933 or better. Almost a GHz for 1/3 the price of the 10.0 1000. You can always upgrade later.

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  4. What 1333MHZ ? Is this a joke? Are you talking about P3 or duron?

    All i can offer you is the truth. Nothing more.
  5. I'm actually a nice guy.. really, so I'll post the math for you again:

    10x internal multiplier on the PIII 1000E
    If 100MHz FSB, 10 x 100 = 1000 MHz.
    If 133MHz FSB, 10 x 133 = 1333 MHz.

    But don't take my word for it. Any questions ? see Tom's lengthy description@

    And remember,
    AMD stands for Another Meltdown Disaster (toast-wise)
  6. YOU CANNOT GET THE PROCESSOR TO RUN THAT SPEED! There seems to be a misunderstanding here on your part-there is NOBODY posting sucess at anything much over 1200MHz, even with refrigeration! The multiplier would give you 1333 MHz, but the machine would not even start! What good is a speed when it pushes your processor so far that it won't work? Not even the guys using hotwires to boost there voltage to well over 2 volts can get that high! It's not a matter of math, it does not work because of things like internal heat, resistance, and so forth. Why do you think Intel recalled it's 1.13GHz processors? It's a design issue that cannot be fixed without either redesigning the CPU or putting it on a smaller cutting process!

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  7. Funny how all you mentioned overclocking....All is asked was ,is there such an animal. I have a DELL with a 440BX board. I've installed a IWILL slocket 2 to get the correct voltage for the coppermine. (600E for now, but wana go faster) I have no intention to overclock.

  8. Oh my god you are stupid! (I'm sorry to be so frank but that's how I feel right now).

    Look dude. My motherboard can go up to 12.5 multiplier and like 150 FSB. So I should be able to overclock to 1.8GHz right? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry but you will never, EVER get a 1GHz P3 at 1.333GHz. Why do you think they recalled the 1.13GHz p3? They couldn't even get it to run at that speed!
  9. Clonan metioned it, but his mention of it was so screwed up we had to respond, just so newbies would know the truth! Our responses are intended to inform all readers, not just the poster. If you don't want to overclock, that's fine too!

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