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Hello guys!!I hope i have created the right thread into the correct section!!If not,im sorry.Ι get directly to the point,im interesting in buying a gaming mouse and so far i have spotted two gaming mouses,the one is:

Roccat Kova plus->link->

Razer Imperator->link->

What do you think,which one would you choose.Any other suggestions are accepted but there is a financial limit at 60euros.Thank for your time!!
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  1. never heard of roccat. razer in general is a mediocre company charging top dollar for their products. not bad products but not worth the price either.

    i use the razer deathadder and it does the job. the only complaint i have so far is that the rubber texturized finish was a bad idea. it is a dust magnet and feels gritty unless you constantly clean it every few days.

    look into logitech. the g9, g500 and even some of the non-gaming mice are very good.
  2. Actually in Roccat i like the desigh too much...i will take a look in logitech also...Thank you for your reply!!
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