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I just assembled a Celeron 700 system, what is the normal/safe CPU temperature?
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  1. Just look into it if it goes into the 60*C mark, because they usually do not go this high unless they're under VERY intensive use (or overclocked).

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  2. Well,
    actually it has been running 70C since I built it. It gets up to about 100c and seems to be pretty stable there.

    The heat sink/fan and CPU did not come with thermal grease do you think this is the reason?

    I am not running a case fan either, just a CPU fan, and of course the power supply.

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  3. This is far too hot, it should be running no more than 55C max. Get some thermal paste, at the least!

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  4. Geeze! Putting the heat sink on without any sort of a thermal paste! He he he. That's just crazy!

    Though I guess it's good (?) to know that it can run stably at 100C.

    I wouldn't have believed it.

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  5. Speaking of crazy ... I wonder what my company's low temperature device could do for a computer. We can run it stable at 100K to cool a crystal for x-ray analysis. Though you'd have to do some freaky stuff to get the nozzel to point at the CPU inside of the case... And you'd need a clean air compressor and a tank of liquid nitrogen by your computer all of the time. But just think of the possabilities... I mean 100K!

    - Sanity is purely based on point-of-view.
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