Intel price drops indeed!

I just checked pricewatch to see if anything had changed in response to Intels price drops on CPU's. Well they have come and I couldnt be happier! I was about to pay over $400 for a retail PIII Gigahert and today they are down to $296 retail, the cheapest price listed right now(including OEM's)! I think thats the quickest price drop after a posting about it that I have ever seen!
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  1. You think that's incredible? You can get a Thunderbird 800 and overclock it to 1GHz with ease for about $125.
  2. I still think that the Thunderbirds are the better deal.

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  3. Well when you already have an 815e board, P3 733, and 256 of pc133. I would have to replace the board and then OC. And with AMD heat problems already I dont like the idea of OCing one. But if i was going to OC something I would just get a 700 p3 for 149 or 750 p3 for 161 and OC it to 933 and 1 gig. And far be it for me to fun hardware at stock clock, but thats the way I like to do things. Im not going to pull my board and chip for a cheap oc'able chip. I had much trouble just getting a classic 600 Athlon to run on a MSI or Asus board to try them again. And win2k on a Classic Athlon on anyboard, holy$h*t get ready for some blue screens from hell! But thats just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  4. <b>And with AMD heat problems already I dont like the idea of OCing one</b>
    I really don't know what you're talking about heat problems with AMD CPUs (30 to 45C and you <b>CALL</b> that the *Problem*???).
    Abit KT7-raid with TB700@850MHz (25-38C)
    Asus A7V with TB 700@850 (35-46C)
    FIC AZ11 Duron 600 (no OC) (25-32C)
    3 of Biostar M7VKB Duron systems (600-700) (25-35C)
  5. get your head out of your arse, because there IS a heat problem with Amd cpu's.

    Are you questioning Dr. Pabst?

    - Amd Helpdesk -
  6. Heat problems are not limited to operating temps. If your fan fails or if the heatsink assembly comes off, in oh lets say transport, there can be some PROBLEMS. Its called CPU suicide, even tom makes note that improperly seated heatsinks or fan failure can result in a dead cpu in seconds. And since I like to attend LAN parties and move my computer from dorm to house over breaks there is a possiblilty that the heatsink just might come unseated. Not to mention my prior luck with AMD wasnt the best, Ill stick to Intel. And call me an outcast but i dont see the need to OC everything in my damn computer. I drive 300ZX Turbo, doest that mean that I have to drive it at its absolute limits? No, but it is fun to take it out and see what it will do every once and a while. Thats the same way I see overclocking.
  7. Well a friend of mine recently bought a brand new Athlon Thunderbird 1Ghz CPU.. it seats about 50 C on a good day and it has a mother of heat sink and fan.... His case about 4 fans (excluding the CPU Fan, Which is not small either).

    Where as my puny p3 sits about 20-30 degrees..... On a bad day it hit 40, and that was a hot day with my hard drive heating the case while I was watching a DVD (My DVD player is hot as well, out comes the DVD and its HOT HOT HOT)

    Any how, onething that does bother me though, is the BX Chipset at the moment. I have a BX board running 133, while most of the system is cool (compared to the video card) this thing is hot, giving me about 40 C Should I be worried about this? On Hot days my computer begins to behave rather erratic, At the moment I am contemplating putting a fan on it to keep it cool :)
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