Windows 7 Install Error on SSD [Install.wim help]

HOLA aimgos!

SO I just popped my new 120gb SSD into my netbook, and have just bought a 8gb flash drive and made it bootable for windows 7/8/ubuntu (i downloaded all 3 for fun)

my problem is with mounting the files. I try the good 'ol drag and drop the files to the USB drive, and the transfer ALWAYS gets halted by 'install.wim' inside the windows source files. the transfer completely halts on whatever mb was remaining. very frustrating. It's done it on multiple OS downloads as well..

I could really use some help as to how to copy the files to the drive so that install.wim doesn't keep doing this to me.

Thanks all,

if any other information is needed let me know
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  1. orlyyyyyyyyyyyy
  2. Are you sure all 3 can fit on 8GB stick? Windows 7 and 8 are 3 or more GB each, I'm not familiar with Ubuntu installer size.
  3. Have you downloaded the Iso image of windows 7 from Ms, and what version is it ultimate ect. Install.wim looks at a config file created for each version of windows 7 if the .cfg file does not exist then it will halt on the install.Did you use the tool on the MS website to create a usb stick bootable image of the Os if not the windows 7.cfg files are missing. Halting the install. Install.wim needs these config files.
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