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Should any notebook batteries be taken out from the notebook and put it in the freezer when not in use? I always have put all batteries in the freezer so it will last longer but I was wondering that if todays computers will not overcharge or will not keep charging too much just because it's little low or so. I remember older computers like 10 years agao it was best to take the battery out so the computer doesn't keep charging it since I know that the more you charge the less life it has right?
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  1. The conventional wisdom on battery technology is to avoid overcharging or discharging, so top up the battery when it starts getting low, but don't fully charge it. This rather suggests leaving the battery out of the machine if you are using it for sustained period on mains power.

    Personally I wouldn't leave the battery out of the machine when the computer is not in use, certainly not with an older laptop. My experience has been that as the lithium BIOS back up batteries built into the motherboard grow more feeble you can lose date and time etc settings if you leave out the main battery.

    As for refrigeration -- I'd avoid due to condensation issues.
  2. Well according to my notebook it says it's 100% charged then it's full. But I did recenty found something that my computer has is that there was a option that I can have the battery only charge upto 80% or 50% now would that make the battery last longer? Or is it always best to just charge it full and if you use the bettery for a while just freeze it? I learned that freezing it was best from my grandparents they always put there batteries in the freezer since they said then you won't lose any power. I did find it's true since when I had new batteries sitting on my desk for years it was almost gone and ended up wasting money on it. This is for normal AA batteries though. But I assume even rechargeable batteries are the same just that you can recharge them. But still if you lose power even you are not using them then I thought it's best to charge it full and then put in the freezer and when you need it take it out and use it.

    Also I hear people say that if it stays on your PC all the time it will keep charging even only few % power is lower than 100% so they said to take it out from the system.

    My point is should I have the battery full and take it out and put it in the freezer? Or should I just leave it on my system and trust that todays computers will manage better than older ones and will do best to make it last longest? Or should I use that feature that makes it so it only charges 80% or 50% at most while it's on my computer?
  3. Dustin wrote: "my computer has is that there was a option that I can have the battery only charge upto 80% or 50% now would that make the battery last longer?........"

    That's pretty much what I said above.
  4. Well which out of the two is better? 50% or 80%

    It did say that set to 50% if you use the AC adapter all the time and 80% if you use the battery the most but even if I use the battery the most is it best to set it to 50% ya I won't have much time but is lower the better? Or is it best to have it at 80% for everything?
  5. Wow. Hang on.

    I would highly recommend NOT putting your battery in the freezer. Not only for condensation reasons, but you should also look at your battery type's optimal storage tempature. I stole this from the net to help you a bit:

    The possible storage temperature range for Lithium-Ion batteries is is -20°C to 60°C but for prolonged storage period -20°C to 25°C is recommended and 15°C is ideal. Cells should be stored with a partial charge of between 30% and 50%. Although the cells can be stored fully discharged the cell voltage should not drop below 2.0 Volts per cell and cells should be topped up to prevent over-discharge. The maximum voltage should not exceed 4.1 Volts"

    So this means: Stop putting your battery in the freezer. Stop it. Just stop it right now.

    Also as mentioned above, your cells should be stored at around 40% for optimal longevity.

    What NOT mentioned able:
    Avoid storing your cells on a conductive and grounded surface. Your cell will eventually drain to 0% and be pooched.
  6. My simple advice is if you are going to plug in the laptop to the A/C outlet for a long time, I would simply remove the battery from the laptop after it is fully charged.

    I killed my battery by overcharging it. Basically the laptop was plugged into the outlet for several months with the battery installed. Afterward, my battery would only last around 10 minutes on a full charge.

    I have been able to revive the battery somewhat with continuous charging and discharging (using laptop until the laptop shuts itself down) over several months. The battery used to last about 4.5 hours, now it lasts 2.0 - 2.5 hours. Better than the 10 minutes, but about 50% compared to when it was new.

    If you need to travel at a moment's notice, then plug in the battery once a week to recharge the battery for 15 - 30 minutes to top it off.
  7. Ok well I do have an option that came with my computer so it will only charge upto 50% or 80% max. Will that be better to set it one of those settings so it won't ever charge upto 100%? If so should I use 50% or 80%? I noticed todays computers have more choices than older ones since like my 8 year old Sony notebook didn't have a choice of making to computer only charge the battery upto 50% or 80% so it doesn't charge to 100%. Just kinda wonder though that if I didn't use this feature and made it always charge upto 100% max will that be bad? I don't think my notebook will overcharge though like past 100%.
  8. This feature is called the battery care function and it gives my two choices to have to computer only charge upto 50% or 80% max. But even if I didn't use this feauture I don't think it will over charge over 100% but if it's not good to have it at 100% then I can just set it to 50 or 80. But which do you guys think I should use to make the battery last the longest?
  9. Basicly will removing the battery if you mostly use AC still is better than having the battery power set to 50% or 80% charge? Or if I just don't have it fully charged to 100% then leaving the battery is ok? It seems like if I have the battery fully charged to 100% then it would not be good to have it connected to my computer all the time but just wondering that if I had it only charged upto 50% or 80% then would it be the same as having the battery out? If so should I have it set to 50 or 80?
  10. Has anyone ever tested that feature that new computers have so you can set it so it won't charge more than 50% or 80%? Did they work well like having the battery out? just wondering
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