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I was wondering about this but is it always ok to download the latest video drivers from Intel site? I currenty have the Intel HD graphics and I noticed that Sony esupport website has an older version of the video driver for my notebook and I wanted to get the latest drivers from Intel website but want to make sure if that's ok. I usualy notice that Intel has more updated drivers for this video cards than Sony so I assume it's ok to use Intel website support driver for the Intel HD that I have.

I have the Sony VPC-EB3QFX

Now I did talk to Sony tech support and they said something about all Sony notebooks are OEM drivers and they said they recommend to only download them from esupport website.

Also when I used auto detect drivers on Intel website it said that my video driver is custom made or so. But do you think they using the drivers from Intel is still ok? I don't know but just want to make sure that everything will run right but of cource I do want the latest drivers too. Now if you did say that it will work then I guess I can go ahead and download the drivers but before I do I want to make sure if it's still ok after what I found out talking to Sony techs and going to Intels site.

I used the Automatically identify and find drivers thing and ran it and it said.

Product Detected Intel® HD Graphics
Current Driver Installed 8.15.0010.2182
A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver. Installing a generic Intel driver instead of the customized computer manufacturer driver may cause technical issues. Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer.

Should I just ignore this and go ahead and download the latest drivers from Intel?
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  1. I don't have a Sony, but I do have a Toshiba laptop with Intel graphics. I've always downloaded my drivers from Intel's site without issue, even though Toshiba's support site always lists older drivers. Again, I've never done that on a Sony, so I can't be completely sure, but I don't think you'd have an issue. However, if Sony support recommended sticking with their drivers, I'd probably do it to save yourself a potential headache. Plus, you won't get much by way of performance increase or anything either way.
  2. Well it seems like that Sony or like Dell have changed the original hardware and made them better then normal original ones like the original Intel HD. Since I do know that I had a Dell tower and it had a Intel 82865G video card and then I tried installing the latest drivers from Intel for it and it didn't even let me complete the installation. So I went ahead and went to Dell and downloaded the drivers for my old machine and it worked fine. So apparently Dell forsure have modified there hardware and probley to make it work better for that machine. So like that it could be possible that Sony had done something to make it better to work for this Sony notebook so the drivers are different from original Intels.

    But do you guys really think that Sony or Dell for example really chaged there hardware for like there graphics? One thing I did noticed that on some reviews it said that older games like Doom 3 won't even run well on low settings. But on my system I can play it on high settings with having 40 FPS or higher. Sony might be made the video chip better. But also other time since it's been about a year since the new Intel HD came out so maybe drivers today are really good and performs good as the ATI Radeon HD 4250. I remember reading that it said that the Intel HD was almost good as the Radeon 4250 but the drivers were't good so the Radeon 4250 was better. But today drivers have been updated soo much so I think it's at least the same or maybe better than the Radeon 4250.

    I remember seeing also that Radeon 4250 wasn't good on low settings for Doom 3 now I don't know if todays drivers for that video chip will make them any better than todays Intel HD drivers since I don't have a notebook that has the Radeon HD 4250 graphics.

    Well eather way do you guys think that Sony for example made updates on there IGP so that's why Sony says to use there drivers to update it?
  3. But I guess the thing is that if the Intel HD driver from Intel will make my notebook run slightly smoother then I probley should get it but if the original Intel drivers are not made for my Sony then it might make the performance worse but I don't know. Some people said that companies like Sony, Dell, etc use special versions of the video cards like they add more better features so they make there own drivers for each. But if overall the driver from Intel will slightly be better then it's worth it but if it will cause problems or make my games run worse then that's not good eather.

    Do most of you guys always install drivers from Intel for example or do you guys mostly install drivers from like Sony or so? Also were most you guys successful and actualy made some better performance? just wondering
  4. Well, take a look at the GPU link in my sig to get an idea of how the Intel chip performs in comparison to other on board and dedicated options. For the most part, anything relatively new will outperform even the most updated Intel chip. I'm unsure though of what some manufacturer's like Dell and Sony do in regard to changing things around so you have to use their specific driver updates. Perhaps it's integrated into their locked down BIOS or something. I'm not sure.
  5. Ok I did try for the first time to install the latest drivers from Intel and this is what I get.

    "The driver been installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer.

    Setup will exit"

    What does this mean?

    Was I suppose to uninstall the current drivers and then install the new one from Intel?
  6. Ok it did work and I didn install it and it works fine so far. But what is strange is that why does Sony make it so you can't use Intel's drivers if Intel's drivers work perfectly fine???
  7. Latest drivers from Sony website

    Version :

    Last Modified :

    This is the latest version from website



    As you see the Intels website is more current. But is it still best to use the older version Sonys custom made driver? I would assume soon Sony will update there drivers but I just wanted to know if it's ok to just uninstall the Sony drivers and install Intels drivers that is more updated.

    But some people are saying to use Sonys since I might in the future run into some problems and also it will run smoother using Sonys drivers.
  8. I'd play it safe and stick with the Sony drivers. I'd maybe look at a forum dedicated to sony laptops (perhaps somewhere on their website) to see if anyone else had installed the Intel drivers. Perhaps it works without issue.
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