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Hey, I bought this monitor for my mom to use as a TV but she never used it. So I figured I'd just use it as an upgrade for my monitor. When I first plugged it in, my computer recognized it and set the resolution to its native which is 1680x1050 but the screen was all fuzzy. I tinkered around with the settings but nothing changed so I set it back to default and decided to restart the computer to see if that would change anything.

Well, that changed everything. Now looking in my device manager, the monitor is listed as a non generic pnp monitor and the resolution is locked to 1024x768 and it still looks fuzzy.

I'm using a GeForce GTX 560ti Super Overclocked and I updated the drivers but that didn't help any bit.

Obviously I'm missing something because everywhere I looked online people said that they used this as their monitor and the Sharp website said it can be used as either TV or PC monitor. It also lists the native resolution as 1680x1050 so there's something wrong on my end.
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  1. Are you using a VGA cable or DVI/HDMI cable?
  2. My gpu only uses hdmi and dvi but my current monitor and the TV only have vga output so I connected the TV with a dvi-vga converter.

    I also thought to try with hdmi and it brought the resolution up to something like 1400xsomething, it still listed it as non generic pnp monitor, the screen looked pixelated and the screen itself extended outside the frame of the monitor.
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    The HDMI output of the video card may act weird when the resolution isn't set to a common HDTV resolution, such as 1280x720 or 1920x1080, and even disable the overscan/underscan settings in other modes, so it might work better to stick with the dvi to vga converter.
  4. I would use a DVI to HDMI cable.
  5. Yeah I thought about that after people asked what types of cables I used earlier and just tried it this morning. Same issue as hdmi cable.
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