Acer ao 532h not charging

my acer ao 532h-2br not charging more then 87% and not going below 6%.i buyed it 5 months ago it was runnig but sudenly i noticed that when i turn it on at start up my cpu usage goes to 56% without doing anything
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  1. Hello ,joy i go through your problem the same thing happen with my acer laptop too . i tried everything but at last i have to change my laptop battery
    and i buyed new one for my laptop . if your are planing for new battery for your laptop than i can give you that site form where i bye one acer laptop batery for my laptop .

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    What ever you plan for your laptop please reply me .
  2. In the UK Acer batteries have a warranty of 6 months so I would suggest phoning Acer support and finding out if your warranty is still valid - Regardless of what country you are in.

    Sounds like a faulty cell in the battery to me.
  3. I also meet your problem when I use my laptop,the battery can not changing.
    I tried to change an ac adapter for my laptop.
    Exactly,it is work well again!

    Kindly suggest you can try to buy a new adapter.
    I can give you a perfect website which sells adapter,battery and other laptop accessories.
    Please kindly check from
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