Networking? USB? HELP!!

I need some networking help. The computers in my house are pretty spread out, and it's an older house so I can't use traditional cables. First of all, the server computer (cable modem) is on the second floor, and another computer is in the basement - these two computers are connected by a phoneline network. the computer in my room is on the same floor as the server, just across the hall (but the cord is about 25-50 ft long). Right now, I am also connected on that phoneline server. It's a 1mbs connection, which mean i SHOULD be able to pull at least 100 kilobytes/s, but things usually start downloading at 80k/s, then immediately move down to 30k/s, where they stay. The server computer can get up too 300+k/s downloads!

What I need is a networking solution. I must have the phoneline network still in the server for the basement computer. However, I do not want to use a router or hub.
I'm thinking of two possible solutions:

1)Put a second ethernet card in the server computer, and connect it to mine via cat5, and use a program like winroute.

2)Use some sort of USB network.

I'd rather to number 2, but how do USB networks actually work? Would it be feasible to get a double ended USB keyboard and connect the two computers, then use a software program to setup the connection? I also saw cords that had firewire on one end and usb on the other - my computer has both, but the server only has USB. If

If anyone knows how I could cheaply network the two computers via USB, help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I have no idea for USB Networking.
    However I do wonder if a USB Communication can go for such long distance or not ?
    Also a USB-Ethernet connector was sold on the market. However it was connected to an Ethernet Network and it require additional CPU resource.

    I suggest option 1 at this moment. Since connection for 2 PCs can used with 2 10/100 Ethernet card and a cross-cable only.
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