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Hi guys, I installed Windows 7 on my new computer about a week ago and am really enjoying it. It loaded up really quickly the first few days, but now it seems to hang between the Welcome and the Login screen. This only happens after a shut down, not on sleep mode. I checked my clock and it was sitting with the pointer on a black screen for 6 minutes!
What could be causing this? It's a matter of seconds for it to wake up from Sleep to Login to main screen, so I don't know what to say. Is it possible a program is doing this with an amazingly slow load? That's the only thing I can think of. :(

Here's what I'm running, if it's pertinent:
Windows 7 x64 Build 7100

i7 920
Radeon 4890
OCZ 6GB (3x2gig ram)
WD 640gig Caviar Black

Any help would be appreciated! :)
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  1. You could try checking the events logs to see if there's anything in there that might suggest what's going on. All the entries are timestamped...
  2. That would probably help. :)
    But where could I find the event log..?
  3. Open the Start Menu, right-click on the "Computer" item and select "Manage". You may get a UAC prompt at this point.

    In the Computer Management window, navigate in the left pane to: Computer Management --> System Tools --> Event Viewer --> Windows Logs.

    The "System" and "Application" event logs are the ones most likely to have something interesting in them.
  4. Hmmm,verrry interesting,!, I just had a similar experience with XP did not take quite as long to boot tho,and,when I mounted a secondary drive , it worked like a charm,I have since replaced the Asus mobo with a Gigabyte and the problem has gone bye bye,I sort of got the impression that the Asus mobo could decide if the hdd was ata 100 or 133,not quite sure what really happened tho..:)
  5. you could also just type event viewer from the start menu ;-)
  6. Application: 2890
    Security: 1944
    Setup: 38
    System: 8303

    Hm, I think I may possibly see what the problem is! Doesn't seem normal for an OS that's been running just over a week. :??:

    Apparently, \Device\CdRom0 has a bad block. And Win7 felt the need to recheck it every 6 seconds. But taking out the DVD game worked when I restarted it just now, only took 15 seconds from Welcome screen to being loaded. :D

    Thanks for the help guys! I feel rather foolish for not thinking to take the game out of my dvd drive, but it happens I guess. I'd like to blame EA and their craphack first decade dvd of C&C. Perhaps now I won't feel the need to do a wipe and reinstall Win7. Having your new i7 load slower than your p4 is torture, I tell you.

    Hard Line: So I noticed. :) Still getting used to all these new Vista/Win7 concepts though, I'll learn 'em eventually.
  7. et me tell ya.. there are quite a few handy improvements.. i am using win7 rtm and will buy the family pack when available.. ( I have built a pc for every family member with the kids having parental controls. they can't go to a site with me approving first and records all im interactions and emails.. can't be too safe with the kids. check out aeropeek for win7 I can't imagine using a computer without it now
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