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Hey Guys,

I just became a proud owner of Windows 7 64bit, this is my second day. Question is this. I ran score assessment in 7, most of them are over 7. The only one that is 4.2 is with hard drive performance. Yes I updated bios, etc.. My primary hd is 360GB sata which hosted Xp Pro for over 1 year. I did a clean install, deleting partitions, etc..
How can I improve on these scores? Many thanx!
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  1. I wouldn't worry about it. If the system performs well for you, don't worry about some number displayed in some dialog window. As far as I'm concerned, the WEI score is meaningless.
  2. Guys, thank you, one more thing.. The computer is really loud now, mening fans are driving me crazy!! Any utility in Gigabyte arsenall for 64 bit win 7? When I ran xp pro, there was cool and quiet for my AMD processo, I dont get this choice anymore
  3. What are your system specs?
  4. I will try cool and quiet for my PC. I have several fans, front, cpu, video, back fans, and power supply. My old xp setup was a little more quiet due to cool and quiet. I will tweak it to run less noticeable. Thank you for good advise!
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