File association with different version of a program?

I'm running windows 7 on my PC... I have Adobe Master Suite CS5 and recently installed Master Suite CS6 as well. I've found that all of my files created in CS5 are now being assciated with CS6... and this is a problem.

I'd like the projects I create in CS5 to remain associated with CS5... anybody know how I can do this?

Thanks in advance for all constructive input...
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  1. Do you still have CS5 installed? Usually installing a newer version replaces and updates the existing version. If you do still have the CS5 program that you want to use, right click on one file, select open with, then choose default, and browse for the program or exe you want
  2. I still have CS5 installed... I had hoped there was a way to associate files with the version that created them (I'll be using both CS5 and CS6) so that I don't have to jump thru the "right-click-Browse-select" hoop every time I want to open a Premiere, After Effects or Photoshop file. Is there a way to associate files with versions of the program that creates them?
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    nope. not unless they have different file extension.
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