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I'm currently giving strong consideration to getting a new laptop to replace my 3 and a half year old Travel Mate 6592G for my mobile gaming needs. I'm probably going to keep my current laptop for work related things thanks to its DVI port (for my second 20'' monitor) and a serial port I use for work.

I'm looking for some general advise rather then direct laptop recommendations, my budget is around £700 to £1,000, however I will stretch to £1,200 if the laptop in question is very good value for money compared to one that costs £1,000.

With that in mind my main 3 questions are, what companies make good gaming laptop or are they about on par with each other, is there much reason to choose a laptop with an ATI or NVidia graphics chip other then personal preference, lastly, is it possible to get a gaming laptop with ether a 1680x1050 or 1920x1200 resolution, or do they cost to much more that I should settle for the 16:9 equivalents.

Any other advise will be appreciated as well, thanks.

:) Skid :)
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  1. NVM, got some lots of useful help from an overclocking forum, thanks anyway you can close this thread.
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