PIII same price as T Bird, NOT!

PIII same price as T Bird, NOT!

I keep reading that with the new Intel price cuts the PIII is the same price as AMD’s Thunder Bird.

Well I checked at http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.html?i=1408, the article just came out (1-27-01).

AMD TBird ----------------INTEL PIII
1.2gig $268------------Keep dreaming
1.1gig $226------------Some day
1000 $176------------1000 (133) $299
950 $153-------------933 (133) $255
900 $127-------------866 (133) $197
850 $108-------------850 (100) $204
800 $98--------------800 (133) $180
750 $81--------------733 (133) $148
700 $88--------------667 (133) $126

There not even close to the same price and close to me is within 30 bucks.
The 1.2 AMD is still cheaper then the PIII 1 gig.
I’m not trying to slam Intel and there are legitimate reasons to buy a PIII but price isn’t one of them.

Thx & Cya
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  1. I agree.

    For me, even if the prices <i>were</i> the same I would still buy Thunderbird.
  2. You'd get better performance for your money with the Thunderbird, over the PIII.

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