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Soon I will be building a new system. It will be my first one that I have built from scratch. I would like some feedback on the specs and I would like opinion on what you guys think is the best 19" flatscreen.
Here's the specs:

Motherboard Asus A7V133
Processor Thunderbird 900MHz Socket A
Ram PC-133 256MB SDRAM
Sound Card SoundBlaster Live Value
Video Card Radeon 32MB DDR
Hard-drive 40gb Quantum 100/7200
DVD-ROM Pioneer 16x DVD/40x CD

I would like to spend not much more than 500 dollars for a 19" flatscreen. What is the best one? I am currently looking at the KDS, Mitsubishi, Sony or Samsung.

Thanks for your time,
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  1. I love the KDS ones. I don't know how much they're running everywhere now, but had them for around 440 last I looked. Second choice would be the samsung. Sony is, of course good, but I think you pay about 100 bucks extra for their name with no difference in quality.

  2. I would recommend the NEC MultiSync FE950.

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  3. Pay special attention to the way you install your pci sound cards and read the manual......seems most people don't bother. Your sound blaster card needs to go into slot 3. I prefer any monitor which uses a samsumg tube. Nice choice of a hard drive where did you decide on that? Most peole are all geeked about the perforance of the ibm but the quantum actually nudges it in performance (however a bit louder). Here is a link to a page in where I uploaded a snapshot of hdd tach 2.61 using that it to toms test of the ibm.

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