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Okay well my computer startup is really slow and i'm not sure where else to put this. It isn't the windows 7 that is taking a long time (well it is too) but the startup of the COMPUTER. HP logo is showing for more than two minutes and it just sits there starting it up.... This problem hasn't happened until i upgraded and restored the computer today from home to ultimate. Changing the w7 to 64 bit didn't help either and i got nothing. The computer has been slower ever since i did it. I got 4GB or ram so it shouldn't be that shortage.
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  1. seems like messed up OS

    can you clean install it?
  2. by clean install you mean install the entire thing again? I did. Three times.
  3. Update OS . Automatically detect and install latest best driver and fix all issues.
    Full Scan system with "SUPERANTISPYWARE" Freeware.
    update bios and firmwares.
  4. If u set boot from hdd time to 120sec then it takes 2minutes ,so load default settings in bios. again compliant remove cmos battery then power on .if problem cured insert a new cmos battery .
    if problem not cured update bios .
  5. Well i reset the BIOS and i'm running SUPERANTISPYWARE thing right now. Not sure if the battery is dead or not but i'll get back if nothing works and i have to replace the battery
  6. well nothing helps.
  7. Boot into the BIOS. Make sure your HDD is the first boot device, and disable the other boot devices.

    Look for an option for quickboot. Make sure that's enabled.
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