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Hello out there!

I'm looking to upgrade my PC to the fastest available speed(Mhz.)at the moment. "Most Bang, - not neccesarily,- for the Buck."

I've got a PII 450 and a SE440BX(With a SCSI/HD Setup - Don't ask me Why?? - If it makes any Diff.). I know I'll probably have to dump the MB and get a Non-"Intel" which,
I've heard, allow a'lot more flexibility. But Which one??

I would like to go up to a 1.5G if possible while maintaining most of my Periph's. in place.

I would like to have the following perks:

* Future Upgradeablity via the possibiblity
of "Overclocking."

* Capacity to be able to use existing "PC100" SDRAM.

* As many PCI slots as Possible along with ,Heaven here
my prayer, 2(TWO) Parallel Ports (I've gotten a'lot of
prob's (Drivers)with the "All-Popular USB."

Is there a Panacea out there??


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  1. Well, if you want the most bang go with something like an athlon 1.2Ghz- but ditch the PC100 RAM. It's silly to run something that fast on PC100 RAM. Currently, the P4 is a waste of money- it needs to mature.

    -MP Jesse
  2. The only way to get to 1.5Ghz is P4, but I can't think of any good reason to go for it. There is very little upgrade path and it costs A LOT!!! The best thing you could do is get a TBird 1200 with 266 Hmz FSB (there is very little difference between DDR and SDRAM). The parallel thing could be a prob. though.
  3. You didn't say what board you have but if it supports PIIIEs you could just drop in a PIII-700E. That would be real cheap. You can use your existing PC100. Just buy an I/O card for the extra parallel port(s).

    - JW
  4. MMmmm, You will pay through the nose to get that Intel Seattle MoBo to get you to 1GHz. Yes, SE440BX-2 will support Cumines, but is tightly 'fiddle-proofed'. You will get NOT ONE MHz more than you payed for (tragic given the well-known overclockability of the PIIIs) in any Intel mobo that I know of. But, you are apparently well-informed on that. The Intel implementation of BX is NOT adjstable, and the fastest PIIIE is 1GHz (a JCLW post) It's available for $400+.

    I can't help with the parallel port inquiry, but I would not be surprised if the USB problems were related to the use of SCSI. If you can get away from that, you might find USB easier to deal with. Really, Bolt a system together with the SCSI HDs, and give it to your favorite brother-in-law. I have a 30Gb IBM ('half-height') in my work machine at home, and it has caused headaches periodically.

    As long as you are buying a new mobo, most of the speed demons around here will advise T-bird and the sometimes unfortunate VIA chipset(s) on a motherboard they've done well with. But if you insist on keeping the SCSI stuff, find people to give honest testimony regarding VIA/AMD and SCSI implementation. Otherwise, if you can transfer important data to an IDE drive, you can probably take their advice without worry.

    but, judging from the plethora of scary stories posted on this site regarding thermal touchiness...
    AMD is sometimes an acronym for 'Toaster', so choose and install your cooling fan with care.
  5. Adding another card might prove difficult, depending on what's all ready inside.. but you should be able to disable the USB in the BIOS to free up resource(s). 700E is certainly cheap, but it won't deliver that much of an upgrade either. But, the alternatives mean more $ and overhaul.
  6. Definatly go with the Athlon. Better performance at a fraction of the cost. You'll have to replace your memory with PC133 or VCM133. I'd go with the VCM. Don't waste your money on the new DDR. It's not that much faster. 2-5% were the last figures, and for the cost, it simply isn't worth it
  7. Celery 800 .
    Or Celery 600@900MHZ
    Cheap & effective.

    All i can offer you is the truth. Nothing more.
  8. I don't think going for the celery from a p2 450 is that much of an upgrade path considering the cost, better off going with the p3 if he wants to stick with an intel system. It is time to bury the celeron, at least in its 66mhz fsb version.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  9. I would also say go for a Thunderbird. They outperform the PIIIs and are cheaper too.

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  10. I didn't realize it was a non o/cble Intel m/b. Why are you looking for that high a clock speed Trev? If you're using it for work and need to run complex calculations then look into a new computer, but if you're using it to play games then slap a moderately priced PIII (700,800,850) in it and buy a good graphics card.

    - JW
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