Best laptop for world of warcraft cataclysm

Hello, I am currently looking for a laptop that will play World of Warcraft Cataclysm on Ultra (preferably with everything turned up).
My budget is up to 2500. My preferred screen size is 17"

If you would like to link to specific models that would be awesome.

If you can give me a general statement like:
I5 at X Mhz, or I7 Model x
With this laptop graphics card (gtx 460m? or??)
This much ram, etc....

I appreciate your help! Hook up a fellow Wow Player!
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  1. Just to be sure, $2500 USD?
  2. Yes, up to 2500 US Dollars.
    The goal is WoW Cata with everything on Ultra (perhaps not shadows, I hear that gets very taxing?).
    I appreciate any responses.
    If you have a laptop you bought recently, and you play WoW, and you have your settings on Ultra, if you wanted to pop in and say whats up (and mebe your fps).
  3. stick with the asus g73 it has ati 5870 and i7 or another version with nvidia gtx 460.
    it is a supports up to 16gigs of ram with a ful hd support.with that budget you can get a version of this laptop that has nearly everything max out.check it out
  4. I recently got a Dell XPS 15. It has i-7, geforce gt 435m, 8gb ram, 500gb hd. I can play with everything on ultra and get 40ish fps in capital cities around the popular places and 60+ in the less populated spots in town and dungeons. Running around other places I get about 70fps.
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