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How to find my hdd password on dell 1545

Hi ,,,i have a dell inspiron 1545 lap top, and my daughter mess it up, now its asking for an hdd password
it shows computer system hard disk#XC1A40E8027-595B
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  1. For hdd password:Remove hdd.remove the first plate the password is in the first plate.look carefully or use magnifier to see the password is written in the hdd plate u removed.
    After get the password fit the plate carefully.insert hdd.type the password u seen in plate.
    then u said :wow i do it i do it.....
  2. Remember password urself .
    we are not help to hack passwords.
    how we know it's urs or others .
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    ^ ok. That makes no sense and is just silly.

    Forum rules do NOT allow helping bypass passwords or security. We have no way to know who the owner is. Contact Dell for help.

    hytecgowthaman you should know the rules even if your answer is nonsense
  4. Take off the metal encasing of the HDD in a dirty room hytecgowthaman?

    That's instruction to destroy a HDD.

    You are truly evil, nothing short of my expectation from a Mac user (I assume since you have a Mac logo) :D


    Please don't open it if it's your HDD. Get Dell to help you or use professional HDD recovery service. If it's not yours, don't even touch it and FYI your IP address is recorded.
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