PIII 933Mhz or 1Ghz?

I am ready to make the final purchase on a new system and want opinions on which processor to get. The motherboard is Asus CUSL2. Forget the price and performance differences. Are there any other advantages or disantvantages of the 933Mhz vs. the 1Ghz processor?

Thanks in advance for your opinions.
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  1. geez. you must have oodles of spare cash floating around.
    i would get a atholon 1000 1100 or 1200 and use the spare money to buy more ram.
    performance diff would be negligable.

  2. I would also recommend you get a Thunderbird setup. But if you must stick with the PIII, just get a 933 and try some overclocking.

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  3. I agree with Arrow- i don't think anyone can dispute that a 1Ghz athlon (133 FSB) will outperform a 1Ghz P3. Maybe in SSE optimized apps and Q3- but that's it. Plus you'll save oodles of cash.

    -MP Jesse
  4. You will have less overclocking room with the 933, due to the fact that 933 is all ready 133 on the FSB. The 1000E and EB are expensive (over $440), and relatively untested for overclocking since they are so new.

    For price/performance, a good deal is the 700E. This chip seems to be easily overclocked, and it's available for about $150. I have one that yielded a stability certificate (13hrs+ with 0 errors) at 980MHz;140FSB/35PCI/94AGP. This with an Orb for cooling. Even at 133FSB, this chip will post 933MHz.. a respectable number. I bought 2 800E flip chips with identicle factory and ID (Philippines/SL4CE). One of them is posting a phenomenal 1066MHz;140FSB/35PCI/94AGP, but the other won't get past 992MHz;124FSB/31PCI/83AGP. The 700E is running faster than that. OCers are getting more out of the 700E, but rarely above 1GHz without extraodinary cooling

    Since you are using the CUSL, it is obvious that the socket/slotA option responses are useless to you.
  5. I have to agree with conan on this one. I have a 700E that goes to 1015. Anything above that and it overheats. It can run 980 without problems.
    As for the 933 v. 1000 comparison, I don't think the 1000 is worth the money right now. The 933 is much more reasonable, even with the recent price drops. You did not mention overclocking, but if you are considering it, the 700E and 933 both have the same multiplier, 7x, so they both perform the same when the bus speed is set at 133. You could save some money overclocking the 700E if you so chose.

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