Need Advice on Gaming-Monitor Purchase

I've done a couple hours research on IPS vs TN panels, 19-24'' vs 30'', 1920x1080 vs. 1920x1200, and LCD vs LED.
Unfortunately my budget is 250-350$ and not 900$ or I would've already bought a monitor. 8D
Anyways, I've narrowed it down to a Dell - UltraSharp 24" Widescreen Flat-Panel LED HD Monitor, Model: U2412M.
Planning on purchasing from Best Buy for 310$, because I've dealt with returns through Best Buy and they're great to work with.
But, I wanted to ask the folks here at TH their valued opinions on this purchase. Will an IPS panel work well for playing D3, SC2 (on a competitive level), and LoL on highest settings/resolution and whatever similar games come out?
Am I right to prefer 1920x1200 over x1080?
Does anyone own or have experience with this monitor? Would you recommend it over other monitors in its price range?
If anyone has a link to a thread/site with relevant information, I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Asus VE248H Black 24"
    Good/popular choice for gaming

    I'd choose it over $310 Dell Ultra sharp for gaming.
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