HP Pavilion 6000 No windows boot.

Hi, My HP pavilion 6000 starts ok and I can access the bios. It does not recognize the hard drive though. I can boot with Linux Mepis and it works with the cd. However I cannot install onto hard drive. I have tried Vista as well and it starts copying files and then it halts. It seems that it cannot recognize hard drives. I tried another hard drive from my son's laptop and still the same problem. Any idea what could be wrong? Thank you.
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  1. Something major could be wrong with the motherboard. Go to HP's site and search for DV6000 overheating. After a bit of running around, you should get to a page into which you can input your serial number and see if you qualify for a replacement motherboard because of their known overheating problem.
  2. Thank you Veteran. I will go to their site.
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