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i3 370 vs N930

Hello, I am planning on buying a laptop and am considering these two options - Acer 5553g(N930,5650,3gb ram , 320HDD) and Dell N5010(i3 370,5650,6gb ram , 640gb HDD). I'm wondering which one will perform better in games, I've only found some test like 3D mark an so on where the AMD outperforms the INTEL, but how do they compare in real gaming.
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  1. I assume that the N930 is the Phenom II x4? If so, the 370m is a bit better in terms of performance, not to mention better battery life and less heat.
  2. Are you sure? The Phenom is placed between i5 430 and 450 in synthetic reviews. Can you back this up with some kind of a review or test, but with games not 3D Mark or wPrime.
  3. Phenom mobile CPUs are comparable to C2D CPUs in terms of performance
    "Given the availability problem, let's look instead at the AMD dual-core platform. In terms of CPU performance, the single-threaded speed is way up relative to the quad-core P920, and it actually looks to compete quite favorably with old Core 2 Duo CPUs on a clock-for-clock basis. Looking at the MacBook Pro 13 figures, the P520 wins some and loses some in the CPU benchmarks relative to the P8600. The problem is that P8600 launched a full two years ago, which means in the mobile market AMD remains way behind if we only look at their current products. Without apples-to-apples comparisons (i.e. Core 2 with 5650) we can't say for sure who leads in battery life, but really the comparison is pointless as Core i3/i5 has been shipping for almost a year with improved performance and similar battery life relative to Core 2 Duo."
  4. Thanks, that really made up my mind.
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    for single threaded apps= i3 because of l3 cache turbo boost
    for quad optimized apps=N930 because it is true quad core i.e, 4 threads and 4 cores
    In gaming both will be almost similar or i3 will win in games like crysis by few fps, but in quad optimized applications like photoshop quad will perform better.
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