Purchasing today - 24' / 200~ / Monitor ; free cookies for help!

I've been hearing great things about Asus monitors lately so was looking on newegg to purchase one. I'm looking in the 150-200~ USD range(willing to spend an extra few bucks if its worth it). Browsing the site I've found a ton of results, and to be honest when comparing them I'm not exactly sure what I should be looking for. It also doesn't help that Newegg reviews can't usually ever be trusted.

So I'm looking to the community to help me out. Which of these monitors is the better of the bunch


I'll also gladly take any recommendations for anything not on that list(it would only hold 5). Looking to purchase either today or tommorow - so any help greatly appreciated.


Full HD
23+ in size(preferably)
Low(er) response time(main use will be gaming/video playback)
150-200(ish) price range
Panel type doesn't matter; the best for the price range would be good!

Side note: I know Aoc makes IPS monitors for very cheap, but I'm weary on their build quality.
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  1. Update: I've kinda narrowed the search to the ASUS VH242H - it's currently one of the best rated monitors on newegg and currently priced 40 dollars off [ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236052 ]. Before I pull the trigger, was wondering if any of the newer models were worth the extra couple bucks or not. I know this model has been out for over a year now - so was wondering if better tech is available in that price range or not.
  2. Now I'm back to confusing myself;




    How do these cmopare to the VH242H?

    I have absolutely no idea what Asus numerics mean..(VH..VS..VW...so many makes/models and no explinations!
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