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I downloaded a copy of Windows 7 off my school's website. I don't have a optical drive but the download was only available as a disk image file and not .iso. If I can get it to .iso I can use the windows program to format my flash drive and make it bootable for Windows 7.
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  1. What you've downloaded is a hard-disk image created with proprietary backup software, and it can't be converted to a CD-image file.
  2. if thats actually the case its probably designed for use on school owned equipment only. Otherwise you would have to have a product key

    You'll have to be more specific. .dmg? .img? Proprietary? In any case you should probably be asking the schools IT department
  3. I am in the exact same situation, and mine does require a product key (which was given at time of download), and is an .img file.
    A couple google searches came up with imgburn:


    just instead of selecting "Create Image file from disk", pick "Create Image file from file/folders
  4. And I'd recommend Xboot for creating the bootable usb. Use the "grub4dos ios" option for windows operating systems like 7
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