Will i see a difference between a tv and monitor of the same size?

I mainly use my pc for gaming and I am always wanting to improve my experience. I have a 22" flat screen television, hd ready and can do 1920x1080. At 60hz. But what I am looking at is buying a monitor of the same size, but at 120hz. Would I see a difference, worth the price, between the two?
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  1. That gets complicated, because the details you want to look at are: glossy vs. matte screen finish, viewing angles, static contrast, ghosting time, and input lag, which can vary considerably for both monitors and tvs. If you can specify the exact model of TV you have and what model(s) of monitor you're considering buying, I can try to determine which would be better for gaming. As far as I'm concerned, a 120hz monitor is only worth it if you plan to use it for active 3D or you can get at least 80 fps in the games you play. A 60hz monitor with better screen finish, viewing angles, or static contrast compared to the TV you have might be worth it, though.
  2. Ah yes I see your point. Well i have the model of my tv. I picked up a while ago so its pretty old and standard. And for some reason I can't seem to find much about it online at all! its a : logik e22 13a

    The monitor I am thinking about buying is something along the lines of this : http://www.ebuyer.com/263624-benq-ew2430-lcd-led-full-hd-24-hdmi-monitor-9h-l6dlb-qpe

    Thanks for the help
  3. Without specifications, are you sure it's really 1920x1080 native? Many lower-end HDTVs can accept a 1080p signal even though they're not really 1920x1080 native; they just downscale it internally. That BenQ you linked seems like a good choice, though. This review indicates it's the same panel as the EW2420, but with a different housing and better speakers:
    So you might also look at this review of the EW2420:
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