Need a laptop for my mom!

My mom wants a laptop, and of course asked me to find one that is good. This way, she can blame me for anything that ever goes wrong with it.

She is looking for a a laptop in the range of ~$800-900, plays blu-rays, and she said she wanted a 17" inch screen, although a 15" screen can work as well. She would also like a battery that lasts for more than 3-1/2 hours, although I don't know how realistic that is with such a big screen.

I haven't shopped for laptops in years, so I'm having trouble sifting through the many options. Any suggestions?
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  1. Hello billtimbob;

    One option would be a HP dv7t - about $765 with Blu-Ray player upgrade.

    Dell Inspiron 17T - $900 with Blu-Ray player.

    You'd probably be able to get 3.5hrs out of the batteries while surfing the web. 3.5hrs while watching a movie? More like 2.5 for the extra power demands for that.

    How firm is that Blu-Ray player requirement? Usually you get Blu-Ray for it's 1080 playback. And 1080 17" LCD screens aren't quite in your budget. Can your mom get by with HD (720) movie playback? It's still excellent quality, and you'd save about $100 or more, plus the lower cost of HD vs Blu-Ray movies.
  2. i agree with WR2.
    The dell inspiron 17 is quite a good laptop and its good for the money you pay too.
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