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I recently assembled a system using a PIII 866 MHz processor, and an Asus CUSL2-C motherboard. At bootup, I get a hardware monitor error, and when I check the bios, it shows my cpu temperature around 60-70 degrees Celsius. However, this temp drops very quickly while I am watching it. 5 - 10 seconds in, it falls back to the 35-40 degrees range, and it runs consistently around 35 while in windows 98se.

I am not using any thermal paste, and I am not sure if this would help my problem at all since I am only having problems at bootup. I'm just not sure what is causing this issue, and I don't know how dangerous it could be for the processor. I can easily turn off the bios monitoring the cpu temp to stop getting the errors on bootup, but I don't want to do this if the problem is real.

So, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to fix this, or knowledge of what is causing it or how dangerous it really is, I'd appreciate it a lot. I have assembled several other almost identical systems to this, but I never had a heat issue before. Thanks!

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  1. Anyone have any thoughts on this issue?

    All the heat problems I have been able to find relate to systems that continually run hot, not ones that just boot up hot like mine does. Does anyone know a possible cause for this, or how dangerous it could be for the processor in the long run?
  2. I have noticed exactly the same with the same CPU/mobo combination.
    I have also failed in my attempt to get the FSB above 140. I have also noticed that the CPU runs at 1.74 volts. This leads me to suspect that the PIII 866 is really an overclocked 733 (which runs 1.65 volts standard)with a higher multiplier. Can anyone shed any further light on this?
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