Entry level gaming laptop to 650$

I am looking for an entry level gaming laptop. I can afford to spend 650 (max.700$). For this money here (Bulgaria) I can get a Dell Inspiron with i3-370 and HD5650 or a similarly spec'ed Acer.
I would really appreciate if you recommend me a laptop that I won't regret buying.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. For that price point what you found looks like the most powerful rig. Unless you can find a bearly used laptop with better graphics on ebay or something.
    Seriously that price point almost always has integrated graphics as the only choice.

    Best of Luck.
  2. If i3 370M with 5650 is available for your price point then grab it, as it will max out 80% of 2010 games and you can call it mid level gaming laptop not entry level.
  3. In my opinion, I can benefit from a better GPU rather than CPU, but to get anything better then 5650 means to go for a machine at least twice my price point.
  4. Hi guys! There is a new competitor on my list. Acer Aspire 5742G with i3-380M and NVIDIA GeForce GT 420M. I can go for either 3 or 6 gigs DDR3 setup (my target is 4 but with this machine it is not an option). I'd like to hear your opinion on the GT420M (according to notebookcheck it is slightly slower than 5650 but I'd rather hear it from someone who has actually tried both cards.)
  5. yeah 5650 is better in most of the games than GT420 but GT420 isnot a bad choice either you can slightly overclock it to acheive performance of 5650 or better(5730).
  6. hi there seen the 5650 perform and its amazing..running high settings l4d2 in 3d smooth as.... http://www.notebookcheck.net/ATI-Mobility-Radeon-HD-5650.23697.0.html ...looks like this card is better acording to this bench mark too... my acer5742g i3 370 with the 5470 runs allgood so id go for the 5650 over the nvidia.hope this helps
  7. yeah 5650 is much better than GT420, and difference b/w 5650 and 5730 is not much.
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