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Windows 7 ultimate product key free download 64 bit

please help i need a windows 7 ultimate product key immediately to activate my windows update.


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  1. Its not free. Go to and buy one. We will not help you steal. Read the forum rules
  2. We went through this yesterday I think.

    It is against Tom's Hardware policy for any active forum member to assist with anything in regards to illegal activities such as piracy, cheating, etc.

    Please refer to this thread for further assistance.
  3. This is the reason why companies go bankrupt. Stop Piracy.

    Go buy yourself a legitimate copy of the product. I believe the developers and parties involved in making this product deserves that.

    How would you feel if you worked without any salary?

    --> pissed.
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    piracy is not supported here,
    hopwever there are ways to get going
    1st is download a free os, the best of these as i have found seems to be ubuntu
    the single greatest thing about this os is that all software for it is free, and seeing as you dont want to spend on an os i dont think youd want to spend on apps either
    other linux os's include
    linux mint
    puppy linux
    or google napalum
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