What printer is most inexpensive to operate?

What are the most inexpensive printers to operate? I would like it to be wireless. Thanks for any help.
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    well you would be looking at a laser printer for a start. Wat do you need it to do? print photos? documents? colour? black and white? One thing laser printers dont do well is high quality photographs. Inkjet printers do this well but require expensive ink and expensive paper to get results. Its cheaper to take your photo's to a photo lab to get them printed out. Something you can get trapped with laser printers is that toner is often not the only consumable. There can be waste toner bottles, transfer belts, drums etc. Some replacement toner's also include the drum, some printers its separate. Its very hard to add it all up, but laser is cheaper than inkjet, and more reliable. If you leave an inkjet sitting for a month you will likely dry up the head and render it useless, laser printers dont have this problem.
  2. Thanks for your help. It is the way I was thinging of going. I didnt know if any home, or small business printers would use drums,so the ink would run cheaper. Or, if thIere was another means of ink delivery that I am unaware. Ink seems to be going up, at least around here. Thanks again for youjr help. :bounce:
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