Best <$600 Business Laptop for Weekly Traveler

I am in the market for a cheap business computer that I can take on the road with me when I travel, which is just about every week. Here are the parameters I am using for shopping:

- Must have Windows 7
- As lightweight and cheap as possible- lifespan of 1-2 years is okay - this unit will get beat up.
- Must have a screen that is visible in bright sunlight
- Must run Office 2010
- Apps I will install: Acrobat, Excel, Outlook, basic internet browsing, some photo storage, web conferencing
- No gaming, but watching movies on a flight would be a plus

Any suggestions?
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  1. Hello Sunrah;
    A couple options to look at in your price range that meet all the requirements (except maybe lightweight - they're 'average' weight):
    At the low end HP 635 $435:
    For a more powerful CPU - HP ProBook 4520s $550:

    Some reviews:
    HP 635
    HP ProBook 4520s
  2. At the top end of your budget range: Dell Vostro 3300 $599.
    It's a 13.3" laptop and is about 1lb lighter than the models above. The 4 cell battery might not last through a whole movie though.

  3. Thanks so much for the help. That Dell looks like just the thing. Walking through airports and rental car agencies every Monday and Friday, the extra pound matters!
  4. i bought this

    Acer TimelineX 13.3 inch with an i3 at 2.4 Ghz and 4 Gb or ram. I like it a lot so far.
  5. Sunrah said:
    Must have a screen that is visible in bright sunlight
    Want to talk about that requirement some?
    That's a highly specialized requirement and it's a tough job for any basic business laptop. These models will do well outside, in the shade, but probably won't be wholly suitable for direct sunlight.
    For true 'direct sunlight laptop screens' you're probably looking at some of the ruggedized industrial laptops. They're going to bust your budget and will add a few extra pounds for sure.
  6. Well I do not use it outside in direct sunlight, but the computer sits in the front seat of the rental car as I drive around and visit the construction sites. The unit is generally in temperature controlled environment, but on sunny days, I cannot see the screen of the computer I currently use. I just need a screen that is as visible as my GPS.
  7. One of the matte/anti-glare displays I mentioned (like the Dell Vostro) should be able to handle the in car GPS duties.
    The right GPS software package is going to be giving you turn by turn driving directions in any case.
    And I know there are glare or sunscreen products you can attach to a laptop.
  8. Thanks again.
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