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I have an ASUS K52JC-XN1 and I currently use a dual monitor setup using an external analog VGA LCD.

Now I need to buy an new LCD monitor with digital interface HDMI or DVI-D to use with a developement board the beagleboard-XM, but that not realy the point.

Since I need a new Display I would like to know if it is possible to use my old VGA LCD, my laptop screen and the new digtal LCD at the same time ? (I suspect some output get multiplexed but cant find the info.)

Do anyone have any experience with a similaire setup.

Thx for you support

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  1. In just my brief testing under Ubuntu it appears you can only run 2 of the 3 monitors at the same time. So you can run the 2 external, but not the laptop's screen. Or the laptops screen and one of the other monitors.

    You mileage may vary.
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