How Far does a Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Reach

My desktop is just downstairs under my living room. I want to get a wireless mouse and keyboard and be able to run my system on my big screen TV in my living room.

Any suggestions on a wireless mouse and keyboard that will reach about 5-10 feet way through a floor?
Any suggestions on a wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver that will reach the same distance?

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  1. i did a test about 7 years ago on an R/F wireless keyboard and i managed to get about 35 feet or so through a few interior walls. i'm not so sure you will have any luck going through a floor. most modern keyboards and mice have very short ranges of 3-8ft or so with a few models having a longer reach.

    you might end up having to run cables through the floor and putting the transmitter next to the television which you want to display the picture. you might be able to use a usb extension cable but i haven't tried such distances myself.

    wireless hdmi? my guess is that the signal might have trouble passing through the floors as well but you'd have to research that as i've never used one. the best option would be to just run a cable up through the nearest wall. at least it would be the best in terms of signal..

    your choice.
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