Help please triple monitor stand

was up guys will 3 of this monitor ASUS VH236H
fit with this monitor stand

to me on the back it looks like its a bit big its about 3.7- 3-9 inches and the stand shows 100x 100 mm idk what that's supposed to be.
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  1. the easiest way to "be sure" if a stand will fit or not is to make sure you buy a monitor with a "vesa bolt pattern" on the back. if you do then any "vesa mount" stands will fit without issue.
  2. That's not entirely true, because there are several different sizes of VESA mount, and you also have to consider the weight of the monitor(s). However, the Newegg specifications indicate the Asus VH236H has 100mm x 100mm mounting holes, and the stand supports both 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm mounting. The Amazon description doesn't give the weight limit for the stand, but this page does:
    It says 22 lbs each, and the Asus VH236H is only 12.13 lbs, so that should be okay too.
  3. thanks i was going with the stand but i don't think i will be able to tilt the left and right monitor a bit to my face.
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    I noticed that problem. If you haven't already looked at this one (that I found in the "also viewed" section), you might consider it as an alternative:
  5. thanks that one it is .
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  7. hy @ MauveCloud look at this

    i was searching for some videos for the one u sent me and nothing but it shows on amazon that it does tilt so witch one would be better off the one you sent me or that one on top.

    looks like it does some info on the one you sent me
  8. The one you started with might allow the monitors to swivel left and right, but without a forward and back adjustment, you wouldn't be able to set up a "cockpit" arrangement.
  9. so the it is i want a some what of a u shape but not completely so yea thanks again
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