Best laptop under Rs.70,000

I want best laptop under 70,000 rupees specially for gaming at max. settings and for transferring data at high speed.
it should run any application smoothly.

Will dell xps 15 fulfill my requirements?
or i should go with any other..

Please suggest the best.......
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  1. mnomaanw said:
    Will dell xps 15 fulfill my requirements?
    Exactly what are your requirements?
    And you should list the laptops/prices that are available to you.
    Or at least list a source of supply - like a website(s) - that will use to buy your laptop.
  2. Dell XPS series top video GPU is the GT 435M.
    That is 'almost a gaming' video card. Roughly in the same class as a Radeon Mobility HD 5730.
    Thats a bit less 3D gaming performance than a GT 240 or Radeon HD 5570 in desktop graphics card.

    Gaming at 'max settings' is probably going to take something like a GT 460M which is in the same ballpark as a desktop Radeon HD 5750 or Nvidia GTS 450.

    The top choice at Dell in your price range would be the XPS 15 with GT 435M.
  3. Can you find a Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q8xx Laptop in your area?
    Core i5-460M CPU and GeForce GTX 460M GPU. Looks like it might fall in your price range. USD $1,180
  4. Also look for the ASUS G53JW or similar Asus G53 with a GeForce GTX 460M GPU.
  5. get MSI GX640 it should be in your range as it cost approx 1100$ in US
  6. Please suggest other than asus and msi .they are not available here,dont know about toshiba
  7. Please suggest what is available to you.
  8. I think your location is India and Lenono is very common brand their other than HP, so get Lenovo Y560 with (i7 720qm or 740qm and ATI Radeon HD5730), you will be very satisfied with its performance. Its available in US market for around 900$, so it will suit your budget. Or if you want to spend more than go with Dell XPS 15 or 14 configured with (i5 and GT425) = will cost you same as Lenovo, or (i7 and GT435) = will cost you much more than similar specs Lenovo.
  9. Can i play gta 4 on max. setting on dell xps 15
  10. yeah you will be able to at 1280x720 resolution wiithout Antialiasing. You will play most games on high with this or laptop's native resolution.
  11. Get Lenovo Y560 either with i5 (better standby, 3.5hrs) or i7 (better performance in quad optimized games which are very few in the market and standby is 2.5-3hrs)
  12. I want to download some games for my dell xps 15.
    I want dirt 2 ,far cry, crysis warhead,COD and more games having good graphics.
    Can i play these games on max setting on my xps?
    Please can somebody provide me link to download this games.
  13. just buy a MSI GX660, it is available in india as i bought it a few days ago. you can play almost any game in max settings and is in your range,costs exactly Rs. 70000. its the best option out there ,way better than a dell xps with GT420M OR 435M, lenovo YPAD with radeon 5730 or with HP envy HD4770.
  14. I installed COD black ops on my xps and it is just of 7.65 GB and no audio is there but the game works perfect.
    how to enable the sound?
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