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What laptop should I get

Hey community, this is my first time posting and i am not to knowlegable with laptops. i need a laptop for gaming and student use. I game only near a charger so something to conserve battery at classes is needed. Here are some thing i am looking for:

1. At least 1GB of dedicated graphics

2. Needs to handle wow on high settings

3. Intel i5 or i7 is prefered

4. no more than $1500

5. 15inch screen or under and 4 hour battery life +

I was looking at the asus G53Jw-a1 and a3 i could solve the battery problem with buying an extra battry

Thanks Guys :bounce:
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  1. hello xROGx
    i would recommend you the asus g73 jh or jw.
    there are two versions:
    1)with ati 5870m graphics
    2)with nvidia gtx 460m with 3d capabilities and 3.0 usb support.
    its an 18.4 inch but its very well worth it.
    it costs around 1300-1500 and you get all these goodies.
    check it out.
  2. Hey thanx but that screen is just too big for me, thats why i was looking at the g53, almost same specs and same look but smaller screen
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    yeah the g53 is a great laptop for your case.
    have fun
  4. thanks, one other question does anyone know if there is like a 12cell battery compatible with the g53?
  5. I think macbook air is very good choice, though it may a bit expensive.
  6. With a macbook air, you can still go buy macbook accessories at
  7. G53 is a nice laptop, but will not provide you better standby than MSI GX640, have a look at it if you want 2.5-3 hours backup and 4 hours is impossible on such beast, for 4 hours you should look for ones with 5730 or 5650.
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