Have LCDs come into their own, yet?

I have not been following the LCD market for many years now, 5 or 6, and wanted to know if they have come into their own yet, and can compete with a CRT on static contrast ratios yet or not. I am very sensitive to static contract ratios, and anything less than a CRT in past years has always looked washed out, gray, and dull. Nothing ever compared in the LCD market, and plasmas were/are God awful expensive.

My current monitor is an HP V90. Its a monstrously sized 19" monitor that Ive had for 13 years. It keeps my room well heated in the winter, and increases AC costs in the summer :D Its probably been on, on average 10 hours a day for those years, and is in as good condition or better after such a long life as could be expected. Whites trailing through blacks leave a trail though, something Im not to keen on, and where its placed on my desk I no longer like, but cannot move it due to its size.

Im beginning to look at LCDs now, after seeing an LCD TV that someone got recently that actually looked pretty good, but dont know how much it cost.

I would be interested in an LCD for gaming.

So have LCDs come into their own yet, and are they able to compete with a CRT in terms of static contrast ratio, response time, and that trailing that I know was common many years ago? All for under 200 dollars, btw? Or is there still some way to go unless you are willing to spend huge money on one?
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  1. Response times are a lot better than 5 years ago, and AMVA panels can get around 3000:1 static contrast ratio, but I don't think LCDs will ever really be able to match CRTs for static contrast ratio, by virtue of LCDs being transmissive instead of emissive. If you really want high static contrast ratio, I suggest you wait another year or two for OLED monitors to become affordable.

    BTW, it feels weird to see a 19 inch monitor described as "monstrously sized" when I'm here with a 32 inch LCD TV, but a 19 inch CRT monitor would probably outweigh it by at least double.
  2. Yeah the screen isnt that big. I more meant its entire volume, rather than its screen size. Thats the problem Im having really, it has to be on a diagonal, because if put dead center of my desk, the keyboard cant fit there as well, since the monitor is touching the wall behind it already.
  3. A 19" CRT would weight probably 3 times what a 32" LCD weighs. I carried in my 37" TV from my car with one hand. The last large CRT I lifted was like picking up an air-conditioner.

    IPS screens have very good colors and contrast, better than TN by far. Don't miss my CRT at all, and I have had a few nice ones.
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