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1ghz Athlon-C's for sale? (266mhz fsb)

Last response: in CPUs
January 31, 2001 5:48:28 AM

Hi, as of today i see 2 posts on for the 1.2ghz Thunderbird w/ 266mhz fsb... at almost $300

I'm looking for a 1ghz Athlon-C (266mhz fsb)... Anybody know when and where i can get one? So far i can't find one on, maybe i'm just not searching in the right place?

P.S. - i already know about unlocking the multiplyer to get the 133mhz... but i don't feel safe about tampering w/ my processor, thanks!

- Brian

January 31, 2001 10:35:07 AM

Good luck finding the motherboard and ram if u manage to get the processor. Fact is that supplies are scarce for now, you might want to wait till march for lower prices and a larger supply. Plus the 1st generation is bound to be plagued with problems, as with any product.

January 31, 2001 12:18:19 PM

thanks for the tip but the motherboard/RAM thing is not much of a problem for me as i'm not taking the DDR route... My KT7a-RAID is already on it's way, and while i'm at it, anybody got any tips on the best price/performance on stick of 256mb cas2 pc133? thanks!

- Brian

January 31, 2001 1:23:51 PM

Take your B Athlon (200 mhz) and swich from 100 fsb
to 133 mhz, and lower the multiplier everything be ok!

-<font color=red><b>R.K.</b></font color=red>