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I' looking for the best 30 inched monitor for graphics design works. that goes for animation rendering, image editing and video editing, so color accuracy and calibration is important. not sure if input lag and screen refresh should be a priority. i've short listed to to dell 3011 and hp zr30w, but i'm also considering apple thunderbolts as a friend of mine is already using one and its quite me... which one should i use among these 3, if there is any other suggestions, please mention it. btw, i have no idea wat subsection this should fall under.
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  1. i've seen that and countless others, and i've shortlisted it to the three i mention above. can u suggest which is the best among the two? i'm really leaning towards the thunderbolt displays
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    Okay, I found Anandtech reviews of those three monitors:

    The zr30w has the best calibrated average DeltaE of those three, though the U3011 isn't far behind. The U3011 has more connection options, and the widest color gamut when put into AdobeRGB mode, though the zr30w isn't far behind. The Thunderbolt display has somewhat better color uniformity across the panel than the other two, but is significantly weaker at color accuracy and gamut (probably due to the W-LED backlight and only being an 8-bit panel, while the others are 10-bit), and has a glossy panel, which I've read is undesirable for graphic design work.
  3. alrighty then thanks u for that. i think i'm going for dell, i like the simplicity.
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