How to install windows 7 when boot from cd option does not appear

i have tried boot from cd option from bios but nothing happened the option boot from cd does not when i tried to install windows 7
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  1. I've had a machine once where the monitor goes to sleep part way through the boot process, but doesn't come on again quick enough to show the "Press any key..." dialogue.

    Try booting the PC and keep tapping a key that doesn't do anything (a letter key for example)
  2. Hi Yash,
    This happens a lot actually, mostly with older rigs getting a fresh OS install.
    Hopefully your rig is newish and your burner is okay, I mean if it's a bluray heheh, it's probably in good shape and not a problem.
    Sometimes some older readers (with older firmware) can have issues with your Windows disk if it's home-burned.
    (There's nothing wrong with this; in fact it's Microsoft approved and many people use slipstreamed installation media.)
    I've always had very good luck with Verbatim blanks...
    In all other situations the answer can be found within the BIOS setup.
    You can select which devices and in which order to present to the OS at boot.
    So if it hangs up trying to read from the DVD, that's a good sign...
    If it just blasts past, not even checking for the DVD, you've got to set that up in BIOS.
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