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Hello there, I am going to be purchasing all of the parts for my first build soon and I was wondering about people and their experience or knowledge on my selected keyboard the Corsair Vengeance K90. Would you recommend this keyboard in your opinion? Or would you have any recommendations on any other keyboard? Like the lower end model the K60. I am not a big mmo player and I don't see myself getting very big into those types of games. But I do play every other genera out there. So macro keys aren't really a big selling point for me. What I did like about the board though is it looks like it would go very well with my selected case. The Corsair Carbide Series 500R. The white back and blue led's of the keyboard had me hooked on it when I saw it. Since it would complement my case extremely well. Other than that I would be fine with another board if it would be a better "bang for my buck" so to speak. Any input would be greatly appreciated and/or suggestions on better boards. Thank you in advance.
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    HI, the K90 seems like a fine Keyboard, one of the best. The only con for me would had been the price. :P

    "the board though is it looks like it would go very well with my selected case"
    That would be really cool!
  2. Yes I know! The price was the biggest issue for me. Paying $130 for a keyboard? That seems a tad bit too much for me. But seeing as it would fit perfectly with my case I decided the extra price would be worth it. I had read reviews on it previously but I guess I just needed some reassurance before I jumped into buying such an expensive board. Thank you bartholomew for your feedback.
  3. Yea the G110 certainly looks nice. I must of overlooked it on newegg for some reason. You starting to turn this into an even harder decision for me man! Hahaha, I'll have to have a look at more boards and reviews now.. What keyboard do you personally use? And how has your experience with it been.
  4. Nah, I'm not much of a gamer. I mostly play Fifa for which I bought an XBox Controller :D
    For my work purposes, I'm looking to get the the Logitech k800

    Yeah, I knew I'll make it difficult for you :lol:
    But, take your time.
  5. I use one of my ps3 controllers for games like that. But thank you for your help on my problem, no matter what I buy I'm sure I'll be happy with the decision :)
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