Dell Inspiron N5010 vs HP Pavilion dv6-3125ej

I dont know exactly which one should I buy...
The specs for bolth are pretty much the same...
i5-460m 2.53ghz
4096mb ddr
500gb sata 5400rpm
usb 2 x 3 ,D-sub, audio , eSATA, HDMI...

The only different is that the n5010 has ATI mobility Readon HD5650
and the Pavilion dv6-3125ej Has the ATI mobility HD 5470 ...
I know the HD5650 is better but the price different is 179$ the
HP Pavilion dv6-3125ej cost 1102 $ and the N5010 1287$

Any advise will be great..
Should I put the extra 179$ ?

Thank you..
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  1. you have found both for much higher price if you are in USA. Just have a look at this thing and you will fall in love with it
  2. I would go for the Dell over the HP just because HP have terrible customer service.
  3. dell all the way.
    i am typing from my n5010.
    it is great and the 5650 can handle almost any game.
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