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Okay, I own an HP a6203w Desktop, all stock, only thing I've added is capped it at 4 gigs of ram and added an ATI 5450 1 gig card and new PSU (antec 430w).

I ran an adaware, spybot, and microsoft security essentials scan, nothing, defragged and cleaned it, but my mouse still wigs out on occasion. The system is about 4 to 6 years old.

On occasion my mouse will either stop moving all together, (laser mouse) and I can hit the windows key (to pull up start menu) and it will respond, or sometimes during a task or moving or doing something it will flip out and go to the bottom or top or corner and I'm like what the heck, why did it do that?

Any advice? Would buying a new mouse fix this? The way it is set up, is I have the mouse on my desk, and the wire runs over, down, and behind and around to the processor tower, could there be damage or kinks in the line?

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  1. You said your system is 4 to 6 years old? Is that including the mouse also? If so then with out a doubt it's your mouse. And to answer your questions simply put, yes. Buying a new mouse will most likely fix the problem you have. But before you go to the trouble of buying a new one it most likely is because it's dirty on the bottom or has a small hair in the way of the laser and can't read right. Then again the wire could be staring to short out or a number of other problems. Try installing new drivers, it might help. If not then it has to be your mouse is going bad.
  2. I tried drivers when I first had this problem, I'm thinking its wire, because its got about 7 inches of slack in it, but the weight of the wire is always hanging, so every time I move or tug it, it runs against back edge of wooden desk. Any advice on good mouses? for good cost? newegg? lol
  3. The type of mouse you would want to get all depends on what you will be using it for. Either for gaming or casual use, newegg would be the place I would shop around at to find a good one. As for me I have the Logitech G500 and it has been absolutely marvelous! I would highly recommend it for gaming use. For the price I think it's worth it. I got it on sale for $54 but if that seems like too much for you for a mouse then really any regular mouse would work.
  4. Okay, it did the crazy jumpy thing. Hopping around the screen, ended up starting two programs and moved my taskbar to side of screen, but minute I pulled laser mouse away from pad, it stopped. Sigh...
  5. Get a new one.

    Three different mice to chose from. Free shipping, All under $10. Your mouse is obviously going bad, best bet is to get a new one.
  6. Yeah I am. Just makes me mad how sudden this was. When getting a new mouse what should I look for, as far as how to tell if it is good quality?
  7. Threaded cables for the wire. That's probably what happened to your other mouse, a short in one of the wires. The threaded cable will help protect against things like that. Dragging it across the edge of the wooden table like you said. USB interface. PS/2 is older technology, Laser or optical. Laser is the best option though. Apart from that it really just comes down to preference and the amount of money you will pay.
  8. Okay awesome, and I was looking at the mice you linked, how do I tell about the cable? I never knew that usb was newer lol. I have a PS/2 connection on mine.
  9. Look at the specs on it and feedback, someone might say that it has a threaded cable or not, the mouse I linked does. But I didn't even know that myself till I received it haha. And yes, PS/2 is older than USB, I really don't know why current motherboards still have PS/2 ports on them. Guess just for convenience.
  10. K, thanks again for all the help. Don't suppose you have any wisdom in keyboards as well?
  11. Any regular keyboard will work. If it's for gaming purposes, get mechanical keyboards, no ghosting issues with them. If you ever had any at all to begin with. But for the best quality keyboards, mechanical is really the way to go.
  12. Okay, do most keyboards on newegg list mechanical feature in the feedback or overview?
  13. Yes, it should say if the keyboard is mechanical or not in the name itself. Or you can go to the search bar on newegg and just type in mechanical, that should pull them up. The cheapest mechanical keyboards will probably run for about $60
  14. K one last question, are they loud? Like the typing?
  15. different mechanical keyboards use different type's of "switches" or keys. ranging from cherry mx red, blue, brown, and black. here is an article I found on the different types. I'm not sure which ones are louder than the others, but it wouldn't be too hard to find a noise level for each one of them.
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