Cheap monitor for watching film?

I'm looking for a monitor to hook up to a small htpc I've set up, but I'm not up to date on monitors at all.
I was wondering if the viewing angle of desktop monitors is good enough to use in this setting, or if I'd need
to buy a flatpanel tv for this to work.

If not - what would be a decent, cheap solution? I'm not too fussed about contrast, but hdmi input is a must.
As for size, 20" is already large enough, but slightly larger is fine as well of course. the htpc can easily handle 1080p btw.

any thoughts?
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  1. Viewing angle depends on the panel type, which varies for both monitors and tvs. If you're going to be the only one watching (from directly in front of the screen) and your budget is tight, you'll probably be okay with a TN panel, such as this one:
  2. For size, you are better off with a 22" + TV than a monitor, especially since you are worried about cost.

    Unless you are sitting in front of the system, a 20" monitor is a bit small for watching like you would a TV.

    Or look at used stuff, I got a 1yr old 37" Vizio TV for just over $200 which is less than half of a new one. A TV will have a better viewing angle, not only side to side but up and down. Unless you are watching at an even line with the monitor, you will have issues with a regular monitor if you move.
  3. Thanks! Since I want to use it for watching films with friends, I'll go for a lcd tv then.
    I've looked around a bit, and found a refurbished LG 23" tv for £140, which seems ok.

    I'm not up to date enough on these things to risk looking at second-hand tv's, especially since I don't like auctions.

    So thanks for the help. I'll look around a bit more, but will probably go with this unless I find something substantially better.
  4. For a refurb 23" that is a bit high, although I don't know how that compares to prices for a new one in your area. That's what, about $200 US? You can get a new TV that size in the US.

    If you have a criagslist like site would be good to check out so you can see the TV running instead of buying it sight unseen.
  5. Well, comparing to amazon uk, full hd tv's start at £105 for 22" cheap-brand or £150 for a samsum, 24" at £160 and there's a 23" at £190.

    seems tv's are just more expensive here, or I don't know the places to buy them
  6. If the prices are that close between a refurb and a new, I'd get a new one. In too many cases people post about used products they got cheap that broke again.
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