Hiii guys my monitor resolution is only 800x600

Hiii guys am buying a new i3 processor and graphics card my monitor has only 800x600 resolution i want to play games like Assasin's Creed,Crysis,POP Forgotten sands,nfs shift and more... my doubt is that will this low resolution affect my gaming ?? can i put these game at this resolution ?? I have a doubt also can i play games with Intel HD 2000 Graphics ??

Thankss :)
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  1. You can play games at that resolution, just won't look at good and won't fit nearly as much info on the screen. You can play those games at low settings with the HD 2000, probably. Your low resolution will actually help you, the lower resolution you run at the lower video card you need.

    But you said you are buying a new graphics card also, which one are you getting? The 2000 is the onboard graphics for the i3 chip, not a graphics card. Or is that what you meant?
  2. sorry its not 800x600.......its a 15 inch monitor and i think 1280x720 is its maximum
    So does the onboard graphics support all these game at low resolution??
    Graphics card i don't know which one to buy i am intending to buy a graphics card at 2000 INR
    Can u suggest the best for me at this price(1 gb)

    Thanks :)
  3. does the onboard graphics can support those games ??
  4. ok thanks man.........but 1 more question is 1280x720 is that low for a monitor resolution ??
  5. Not really, its not THAT low. when I had a 15' monitor even 1024x768 was dream resolution :D
    I'd suggest, you continue with the intel HD graphics. Be patient & save up Rs.5000 & get the HD 6670.
    Your i3(I assume its 2100/20) is an excellent budget gaming CPU, team it up with the HD 6670 & you'll have a MUCH better gaming rig.

  6. Thanxxxxx bro u r d best and my i3 is 2120(3.30 ghz) which company is this HD 6670 ?? :)
  7. amalts01 said:
    Thanxxxxx bro u r d best and my i3 is 2120(3.30 ghz) which company is this HD 6670 ?? :)

    You're welcome.

    AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6670
  8. thanxxxxx is this radeon a new company i heard that they make all of their components mainly for gaming............ :)
  9. Radeon is a brand/Line of GPUs. ATI is the company that develops them.
    ATI was founded in 1985 & was acquired by AMD in 2006.

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