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I want the best low cost laptop that supports windows server 2003.

please suggest.
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  1. Hello, I can not give your suggestions for buying a exact low cost laptop, because, the prices are vary in different time and areas. If you plan to use laptop computers in your network there are some other important things to consider. You will still want to ensure that you have the Windows XP Professional operating system and that the computer meets all of the other hardware specifications outlined above.

    Since laptop users are often mobile network users, wireless networking has become the network connectivity technology of choice for these users. There are a variety of wireless network adapters available and they operate on different specifications. If your laptop’s wireless network adapter is not configured to use the same specification as the rest of the network it will not connect to the network. Many wireless network adapters are compatible with both specifications, but you will need to ensure that what you get is compatible with the wireless network you plan to use
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