Would a 42 in TV be better than a 24 in monitor for PC?

I can't buy one yet. I just bought the comp I need to save for a monitor. However I'm looking at 42 in TVs as for the same price you are getting twice the size. They are 1920x1080 compatible so would there be any downside to doing this?

Also I plan on using it as a TV to when I'm not on the computer.
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  1. Comp will be i7 3770 3.5ghz, GTX 670(hopefully SLI in the future but consider I'm just running 1 for now), 16gb ram. I plan on running games at 1920x1080. (Battlefield 3) and others similar. Maybe Crysis 3 when it comes out.
  2. You'd need a bigger table/desk to hold a TV that big, and probably need to sit further from it. Other than that, I don't see a downside. However, I don't know where you're finding a 42 inch tv for the same price as a 24 inch monitor - 24 inch monitors start at about $169 at Newegg, whereas 42 inch LCD TVs start at about $519 at Newegg.
  3. 40 in 60hz start at 300 on bestbuy website. Although I'm looking for a 42in 120 mhz which is around 450$.
  4. I hope you're aware that a 120 hz TV takes a 60 hz (or lower) input signal and interpolates frames. Same for 240 hz and 600 hz TVs.
  5. No I don't know what does that mean? :) To use as dual purpose would it be better to get a 60hz? I just figured a 120 would be better for like movies and stuff. (I hear its pretty nice)
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    There are some TN panel monitors that can take a 120hz signal over dual-link dvi or displayport, either for active 3d with shutter glasses or for smoother motion. TVs can only take the signal at 60 hz (or sometimes 24 hz for movies) and interpolate frames, which may look good for movies and tv sources, but will introduce input lag when playing video games. Most such TVs will have a "game mode" that turns off the frame interpolation, but then the TV no longer has a significant advantage over one that just runs at 60hz. If you know what telecine judder is and want the 120hz to avoid that, fine. Otherwise, a 120hz TV won't be worth the extra cost.
  7. On a side note... I have a white line on my current monitor. I've lived with it but its mildly annoying. Do you know what causes this? Its just a small line that starts at the top of the screen and goes down to the bottom.
  8. Sorry, I don't know much about troubleshooting existing monitors.
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